Montgomery Town Plan

Hutchins and Creamery Bridges
Restored 2010

Prepared by the
Montgomery Planning Commission

Original document adopted May 1974
Amended and updated March 1987
Amended and updated November 1994
Amended and updated September 2000
Amended and updated September 2005
Amended and Updated August 2010
Approved and Adopted By The Montgomery Selectboard Aug 19, 2010


PDF file of hardcopy outside and inside front cover.

Detailed Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Vision

3. Goal Summary

4. Community Profile

5. Archaeological,Historic,and ScenicResources

6. Community Facilities

7. Community Services

8. Community Utilities

9. Economy

10. Energy

11. Transportation

12. Education

13. Housing

14. Natural Features

15. Land Use Goal

16. Volunteer Groups

17. Compatibility with Neighboring Towns

18. Implementation
A. Base Map

B. Agricultural Soils

C. Critical Areas

D. Facilities and Services

E. Water System

F. Land Use Land Cover

G. Proposed Land Use

H. Septic Suitability

I. Transportation System