Named after Revolutionary War hero General Richard Montgomery.
Granted By The Legislature
Approved/Chartered By
Governor and Executive Council:
First Settlers: Joshua and Naby Clapp
First Child born:  Joel Clapp
First Cemetery, First Town Government
First Post Office
First Church Building Completed

March 15, 1780
October 8, 1789
Spring 1793
September 1793
U.S. Census Bureau
  -  2000 Population:
  -  2010 Population:

    992 (160th in State)
 1,201 (141st in State)
Population Density (2010): 21.2 people per square mile
Percent Population Change

Additional Census Data 2010

56.75 square miles (16th largest in State)
2014 State Ranking of approximately 262 towns for:

       Municipal Effective Tax Rate:  84th lowest in VT (5th lowest in Franklin County)
       School Homestead Effective Tax Rate:    
 19th lowest in VT (the lowest in Franklin County)
       School Non-Residential Effective Tax Rate:
 69th lowest in VT (5th lowest in Franklin County)

  Montgomery is known as Vermont's Covered Bridge Town. Its unique geography required many bridges, and as recently as the 1940s there were thirteen covered bridges within the town's limits. Today there are six covered bridges within town limits, and one which straddles the town line with Enosburg, the most of any town in the country.

  Montgomery's heritage was firmly rooted in farming and the timber industry. Today it is a diverse community with several farms, many small businesses, artists, craftspeople, and a lively citizenry comprised of a mix of full-time and vacation residents. It is an all season recreation destination.

  As you browse this web site you will see many of the things which make this community such a great place to live. These top notch services and facilities are the result of some selfless hard work by our citizens, and town employees, and active participation in town government, civic organizations, and school affairs.

  It is the intent of this web site to improve communication between us, and to promote even greater involvement in the community.

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