Montgomery Road
Numbers, Names, and Classifications

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VSA 19 Section § 302. Classification of town highways

(a) For the purposes of this section and receiving state aid, all town highways shall be categorized into one or another of the following classes:

(1) Class 1 town highways are those town highways which form the extension of a state highway route and which carry a state highway route number. The agency shall determine which highways are to be class 1 highways.

(2) Class 2 town highways are those town highways selected as the most important highways in each town. As far as practicable they shall be selected with the purposes of securing trunk lines of improved highways from town to town and to places which by their nature have more than normal amount of traffic. The selectmen, with the approval of the agency, shall determine which highways are to be class 2 highways.

(3) Class 3 town highways:

(A) Class 3 town highways are all traveled town highways other than class 1 or 2 highways. The selectmen, after conference with a representative of the agency shall determine which highways are class 3 town highways.

(B) The minimum standards for class 3 highways are a highway negotiable under normal conditions all seasons of the year by a standard manufactured pleasure car. This would include but not be limited to sufficient surface and base, adequate drainage, and sufficient width capable to provide winter maintenance, except that based on safety considerations for the traveling public and municipal employees, the selectboard shall, by rule adopted under 24 V.S.A. chapter 59, and after following the process for providing notice and hearing in section 709 of this title, have authority to determine whether a class 3 highway, or section of highway, should be plowed and made negotiable during the winter. However, a property owner aggrieved by a decision of the selectboard may appeal to the transportation board pursuant to subdivision 5(d)(8) of this title.

(C) A highway not meeting these standards may be reclassified as a provisional class 3 highway if within five years of the determination, it will meet all class 3 highway standards.

(4) Class 4 town highways are all town highways that are not class 1, 2, or 3 town highways or unidentified corridors. The selectboard shall determine which highways are class 4 town highways.

In Montgomery:        CLASS 1                   These roads are the responsibility of the State.

                                    CLASS 2                   These roads are the responsibility of the Town.

                                    CLASS 3                   These roads are the responsibility of the Town.

                                    CLASS 4                   These roads are minimally maintained by the Town to

                                                                        the extent that they can be driven by a  2-wheel drive vehicle and are not State funded.  These roads are usually not maintained in the winter.

                                    Private Road            Responsibility of the Land Owner.

ROAD #            ROAD NAME                                             ROAD CLASSIFICATION

1                        Fuller Bridge Road                                     Class 2                      

2                        Hazen's Notch Road                                  Class 2

4                        Longley Bridge Road                                 Class 3

5                        Green Mountain Road                                Class 3

6                        Black Falls Road                                        Class 3

7                        North Hill Road                                            Class 3

8                        South Branch Road                                    Class 3

9                        Neary Road                                                 Class 3

10                      Black Falls Extension                                 Class 3

11                      West Hill Road                                            Class 3 & Class 4

12                      Hill West Road                                            Class 3 & Class 4

13                      Dreamers Road                                          Class 4

14                      Purrier Farm Road                                     Class 3 & Class 4

15                      Sheldon Farm Road                                   Class 3

16                      Lutz Road                                                    Class 3

17                      Cote Road                                                   Class 3

18                      Hannah Clark Brook Road                        Class 3 & Class 4

19                      Amidon Road                                              Class 3

20                      Montgomery Heights                                  Class 3

21                      Fisher Road                                                Class 3

22                      Creager Road                                             Class 3 & Class 4

23                      Enosburg Mountain Road                          Class 3

24                      Lane Road                                                  Class 3

25                      Creamery Bridge Road                             Class 3 & Class 4

26                      Begnoche Farm Road                               Class 3

27                      Hutchins Inset                                              Class 3 & Class 4

28                      Regan Road                                                Class 3

29                      Rossier Road                                              Class 3

30                      Deep Gibou Road                                      Class 3

32                      Brady Road                                                 Class 3

33                      Gibou Road                                                 Class 3

34                      Sundell Road                                              Class 3

35                      Nutting Road                                               Class 3

36                      Rushford Valley                                           Class 3 & Class 4

37                      Road Brook Road                                      Class 3

38                      Hart Road                                                    Class 4

39                      On The Common                                        Class 3

40                      Hutchins Bridge Road                                Class 3 & Class 4

41                      Vincents Bridge Road                               Class 3

42                      Comstock Bridge Road                             Class 3

43                      South Brook Road                                      Class 3

47                      Bank Road                                                  Class 3

48                      Sylvester Road                                           Class 3

49                      Deuso Road                                                Class 3

50                      Lawyer Road                                               Class 3

51                      River Street                                                 Class 3

52                      Demar Road                                               Class 3 & Class 4

53                      Howard Road                                              Class 3

54                      Munn Road                                                  Class 3

242                    Mountain Road                                           Class 1

S118                 South Main Street                                       Class 1

N118                 North Main Street                                       Class 1

118                    Ctr Main Street                                           Class 1

300                    Christmas Road                                         Private Road

301                    Mistletoe Lane                                            Private Road

302                    Jingle Bell Drive                                          Private Road

303                    Highland Drive                                            Private Road

61                      School Drive                                               Private Road

62                      Mill House Road                                         Private Road

63                      Oberland Valley Road                                Private Road

64                      Oberland Valley Extension                        Private Road

65                      Kunert Drive                                                Private Road

66                      Lower Ring Road                                       Private Road

67                      Highland Springs                                        Private Road

68                      Puffer Road                                                 Private Road

69                      High Ponds Road   (ext,of Rossier Rd.) Discontinued.       Private Road 

Note:  Changing any of the following:  Acceptance of New Road, Reclassification and Discontinuance of a Highway has to follow the process as defined in 19 V.S.A. Chapter 7, Section 708.