September 19, 2011

6:30 P.M.


Selectboard Members Present: Ken Cota-Chair, Scott Perry-Vice Chair, Carol McGregor, Sue Regan and Wendy Howard-Clerk

Visitors Present: Renee Patterson, Joe Sherman, Christina Bilodeau, Bernadette Early

Ken called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

Corrections to the September 5 minutes were: Change the second paragraph 7 to 8.

Corrections to the September 12 minutes were: to change the last paragraph to read, Wendy made a motion to have Scott draft a letter stating the points in the previous motion and to have Scott sign the letter away from the table and send it to the owner of the dog with a copy to the victim. Carol seconded and the motion carried 5-0

1.Scott made a motion to approve the minutes of September 5, 2011 as amended. Carol seconded and the motion carried 5-0

Scott made a motion to approve the minutes of September 12, 2011 as amended. Sue seconded and the motion carried 5-0

2. Christina (as Zoning Administrator) reported that she did a site visit and found no zoning violations at the Wedel Trust property at 301 Main Street. She also noted that the basement is very clean and the sump pump is only pumping water when it reaches 6 inches.

3. Joe Sherman shared that He, Ken and Scott met with Chris Brunelle (ANR) and Mike Klein (ANR River Program Director) re the riverbank conditions of the Black Falls Brook. Especially from the Fuller Bridge to the Zartarian trailer that includes a section behind His and His neighbors house at the end of Deuso Road in the Village. The Board encouraged Joe to contact the Conservation Commission and the MRBA to pursue funding to hire a Hydrologist to study the area.

Ken reported that Chris Brunelle gave a verbal OK to due some bank stabilization behind Charlotte Deuso’s and Joe’s houses (about 300 ft.) but who would do the work and what exactly is not yet determined. A formal written application will have to be submitted in order to go ahead and do work from the Fuller Bridge to the Zartarian trailer.

4. Longley Bridge Update

a.       Ken reported that the ACROW Temporary Bridge is on it’s way and will be delivered to St. Onge Construction. Temporary Bridge will remain on the Agenda

b.      Carol reported that there is no news about the Transportation Enhancement Grant . Transportation Enhancement Grant will remain on the Agenda

c.       Ken reported that St. Onge is to start excavating the gravel at the West Hill Bridge at any time. West Hill Bridge Gravel Clearing will remain on the Agenda

5. The Board decided to add the repairs to the FEMA report of damages from the storm. One starter is repaired and we are waiting for parts on the second.

SOS has fixed the Telemetry Control problems at the Water Plant that were caused by a lightning strike. Insurance paid the balance of the cost after our $500 deductible

Ron Goff (electrtion) recommended installing and Electronic Control Device to cut power at the School Road Pump House if Three Phase Power is down, to protect the starters from burning out in the future. Mark will come to the Commission with a quote

Renee reported that the water was discolored at the Town Office a few days ago and that Mark said, the hydrants need to be flushed out to rid the pipes of the normal sediment build up

Water Commission Issues will remain on the Agenda6.

6. The Board discussed the possible purchase of a used excavator that will be available at an upcoming auction. Renee and Ken will gather more information re financing etc. and call a special meeting if necessary

7. Old Business

  1. Scott read a letter received from Bernadette Early re the dog bite that was discussed at the September 12 Hearing. Scott stated for the Board to Bernadette that,  “This is a civil matter now. The Town is finished with the case and the matter is closed.” Scott then asked Bernadette, “Do you understand what I am saying?” Bernadette said, “I hear what you are saying.” Scott repeated himself and Bernadette repeated her response. Dog Officer & Dog Ordinance Issues will remain under Old Business
  2. Christina reported that, as the Board requested, she wrote and sent a certified letter of a zoning violation for excess junk to Claire Lane and that Claire spoke to Renee re where to take things as she cleaned up, so there is some activity at the site. This is a second violation the first being in October 2009. Zoning Issues will remain under Old Business. Christina reported that she is still waiting to talk to Jesse re placing the trailer that was moved after the storm, and is still waiting for a written report from Rebecca Pfieffer re Soule and St. Onge Flood Zone Issues.  NFIP CAV (Soule & St. Onge) updates will remain under Old Business
  3. Scott and Billy Jr. will do a municipal site visit with Patrick Russo (FEMA Inspector) on Tuesday 9/21 to access the municipal damages done by Irene. Two different tracks are now available for disaster relief in Franklin County, Municipal and Private. Irene Aftermath will remain under Old Business
  4. Property lines of land bought under FEMA programs will be removed from the Agenda
  5. The Board discussed options for the January Hazard Mitigation application deadline. Irene devastation and spring gravel removal. Hazard Mitigation Grants will remain under Old Business
  6. Town Office Renovations will remain under Old Business

8. New Business

  1. Renee reported that the State Highway 8 payment has been received.
  2. The Board discussed adding Medical coverage to the fire departments Auto Insurance coverage. Carol will look into it
  3. Wendy reported that the project to repair the trail between the Rec Center & the School and finish the Garden Project at the School Sign that Jed Worthington (in order to earn his Eagle Scout Badge) organized for Saturday September 17 went really well. Wendy will write Jed a Thank You and put a note in the School News Letter & CBGC News Letter.
  4. Scott made a motion to appoint Patty Hathaway to fill Michelle Legault’s (the Board received her letter of resignation) term on the Recreation Board. The appointment was approved 5-0

9. The Board Opened the Mail and signed the Orders

10. Carol made a motion to adjourn. Sue seconded and the motion carried 5-0

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted
Wendy Howard